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[ Winter Rains on NY ]
《 i am MD 》 ¿do i look sane to you?
『 Storms 』 
12th-May-2012 03:17 pm - { WELCOME }
Welcome in yue_akuma's fanfics journal.

For some practical reasons, my fics are now posted on inothatalready, so no need to come and add this journal, because I won't add you except if you're a personal friend or someone I know.

I still keep the fics posted here open though, so enjoy those! ^^

Have a nice day~! ♥

[ MD ]
!! pinguins are stealing my sanity
11th-Dec-2011 08:15 pm - [ fics masterlist ]
last update : may 27th, 2010

- K A T T U N -Collapse )

- K A N J A N I -Collapse )

- D B S K -Collapse )

(to be completed)

(to be completed)
!! pinguins are stealing my sanity

wow, it's almost one fic a day lol.

The Times After Friends
Pairing: Hina/Shota.
Rating: PG-16.
Genre: fluff / romance?.
Beta: Tati, who else ♥.
Warnings: m/m relationships, boykissing, light touching, my weird brain.
Disclaimer : if they were mine i'd spend less time writing, i swear.
Summary: From bandmates to friends, it's easy. It's more complicated when the body talks.

NB: What you say, once again a HinaYasu? Well yes. The latest Recomen translation made me do it. Also, there WILL BE a sequel. I love these two together~♥

- Yoko and Subaru are jealous though... -Collapse )
§ Kanjani8 : Popsicles - nandeyanen?
29th-Aug-2010 03:59 am - [one-shot] Obsession (HinaYasuRyo)
Pairing: Hina/Shota/Ryo.
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: smut / MOAR SMUT.
Beta: Tati who surely saved that fic.
Warnings: m/m relationships, masturbation, neck fetish, porn, stuffz.
Disclaimer : if I owned them Hina would be hugging me right now.
Summary: Hina is obsessed. Thankfully his bandmates are easy.

NB: Once again, Kazu made a request. To quote her : "I WANT SHOTA'S NECK OMG OMG OMG", and as I was going to write Hina/Yasu anyway... There. I hope someone will enjoy this terrible thing.

- Today it was Jacky in Club8, squeeeee~ -Collapse )
!! writing smut \o/
Unexpected Night
Pairing: Jacky/Toppo. (Hina/Yasu in Prologue of Patch)
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: AU / SMUT.
Beta: no.
Warnings: m/m relationships, masturbation, Hina's abs, blowjobs.
Disclaimer : if I owned them Hina would be naked in my bed right now.
Summary: When Jacky is injured and Toppo starts noticing things, it always leads to unexpected things.

NB: My dear Kazu said this morning "JACKY/TOPPO PLEASE!", so I give you Jacky/Toppo. This, though, may be the most boring porn I've ever written. I'd also like to point to everybody that the Requests Post is still open. Just in case. I know some of you will have fun there.

- I seem to only write Prologue of Patch related things these days... -Collapse )
!! pinguins are stealing my sanity
Before the Dawn
Pairing: Gum/Johnny, Ace/Arsenal, Ace/Arsenal/Toppo, Toppo/cotton-candy, and minor Jacky/Mac. (Maru/Tacchon, Ryo/Baru, Ryo/Baru/Yasu and Hina/Yoko in Prologue of Patch)
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: AU / SMUT.
Beta: no.
Warnings: m/m relationships, rather heavy description of sex, masturbation, hot dudes.
Summary: Soon, their lives will be changing. What's left is, maybe, one night. Or maybe not.

NB: So, this one goes to Yada, Tati and Kazu, who asked for all the pairings above. Also, NEW LAYOUT! \o/

- I blame Eito's awesomeness, along with THE EIGHT~ -Collapse )
!! writing smut \o/
24th-Aug-2010 06:54 pm - [one-shot] Of Friendships and Allies
Of Friendship and Allies
Pairing: Jacky/Mac. (Hina/Yoko in Prologue of Patch)
Rating: R.
Genre: AU / idk.
Beta: no.
Warnings: m/m relationships, light description of sex.
Summary: Mac feels invincible sometimes. Mostly when Jacky's around.

NB: I had to write this, sorry. Mac!Yoko is too hot for me to ignore, and Hina + knife is my new OTP. Also, say hello to the new fic presentation format. I added summary! lol.

- I should stop listening to TRICKSTER... -Collapse )
§ Kanjani8 : Hina & Yoko [OTP]
Title : How To Survive With Kanjani (one-shot)
Pairings : Eito/Eito (contains bits of YokoHina, RyoKura, HinaKura, MaruKura, OhYass, blink-and-you'll-miss-it-YokoBaru, Subassan, blink-and-you'll-miss-it-MaruBaru, etc...)
Rating : R. for mention of porny things.
Genre : Crack / crack / more crack.
NB : Just a little something coming out of my disturbed brain. Enjoy! ♥

- Rule N°1 : Never Ask Questions. Because, you know, it’s Kanjani8. - Collapse )
§ Kanjani8 [∞]
28th-Jul-2010 07:18 pm - [random] Kanjani8 Pairing Generator
So, I was tempted to play with PHP, and I ended up making a Eito Pairing Generator. Maybe someone will be interested... Don't forget to link me to/show me what you did if you use it! :D *bricked*

[ Kanjani8 Pairing & Prompt Generator ]
§KAT-TUN : Maru [noicon]
14th-Jul-2010 06:19 pm - [one-shot] Crossroads (YokoYasu)
Title : Crossroads (one-shot)
Pairing : Yoko/Yasu (it was my first K8 otp!)
Rating : PG-13. oh, no porn.
Genre : Semi-Angst / Romance / Hurt & Comfort.
NB : Another one written for Kazu! It was a request in a meme I did a few weeks ago (I still have some things to write btw), and she said she wanted some YokoYasu. So there.

- It’s hurting him to see how the boy keeps on drifting away. Hina tells him that he’s imagining things. Yoko knows better. - Collapse )
§ Yuu Yokoyama
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